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LCF’s First Exhibition In 2018: Mysterious Tehran· Iran M +A International Advertising Exhibition

2017-11-24 14:05:13

Iran is a country that has a history of four or five thousand years, and has a rich Persian flavor and strong religious color. In recent years, Iran's economy has generally kept at a low speed. The bilateral trade between China and Iraq continues to rise as the European and American countries abolish the long economic and trade sanctions against Iran. As a result of it, Sino-Iranian relations will usher in a new opportunity, which will also bring unlimited business opportunities for advertising and printing industry. This time, LCF decided Iran as the first beginning exhibition of its 2018 international exhibition, and apparently had great hope for the trip.

 Tehran is situated in the north of central Iran, located on the south side of the Earl range in the northern margin of the vast Iran plateau. Iran M +A International Advertising Exhibition is the only advertising industry exhibition in Iran, supported by the Tehran municipal government and the Iranian advertising importers association. The indoor and outdoor area of the exhibition hall  has already exceeded 20000 square meters and is divided into 6 pavilions. The number of exhibitors reached 270, with participants from China, South Korea, Japan and Turkey. The number of visitors also has reached more than 51000 people.

Outdoor LED Display

Name: Iran M +A International Advertising Exhibition 2018

Date & Date: 2 ~ 5 January

Booth No:  13 booth No. 7, exhibition hall.

Exhibition Products: PF4 indoor full-color, PS8 outdoor full-color

Address: Iran Tehran International Exhibition Center

LCF LEDPF4 (Die-casting Aluminum cabinet 768x768mm)

Advertising LED Display

Product Model: P4.0

Pixel Pitch: 4.0 mm

The PF4 indoor LED display adopts high heat dissipation panel processing technology, with fast heat-dissipation, low wastage, and ultra high conversion rate, comparing with the conventional display screen, energy saving effect is 30% higher than that. The different batches of modules can be splicing, and the picture balance is fine and smooth.

LCF LEDPS8.0 (Iron Cabinet 768x768mm);

Full Color LED Display

Product Model: P8

Pixel Pitch: 8.0 mm

PS8.0 outdoor full color LED advertising display with a new mask design, so that the light emitted by the LED almost can up to zero reflection to ensure the effect of screen display. Unit module-cabinet design using high temperature spraying technology, which greatly improving anti-rust function. The front of the module adopts high-quality imported glue to fill the plastic with a waterproof rubber ring on the back. The module has high water-proof ability and dust-proof capability over IP65. It is widely used in the municipal square, financial services, hotels, office buildings, public service establishments and other outdoor environment.

The selection of Iran as the first stop of the LCF’S International Exhibition in 2018, in addition to the accurate market positioning, but also benefited from LCF’s previous penetration of Iran LED display market. Only in 2017, LCF had built a number of boutique cases in Iran, let us feel them together.

Full Color LED Display

Facing the Iranian decision-makers through the exhibition directly, we will be able to get more contact with potential partners and clients. It also has a positive impact on the subsequent deep cooperation and the development of Iran market. We have enough reasons to believe that Iran, which is in the economic upturn, will bring us more surprises in 2018!

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