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LCF Performs Outstanding And gets Fruitful In GRAFINCA

2017-10-11 08:58:42

GRAFINCA is one of the professional exhibitions in the advertising and the printing industry in the South Pacific,it is also the largest advertising exhibition in Peru and defined as an famous industry event.It is not only a trade fair,but also an exchange event for industry professionals. GRAFINCE Exhibition is held in the Lima on September 28-October 1,2017.Mr.Huang Qingfeng,Chairman of the Board of Directors(stock code 837293)personally lead the sales team with P3.91 and P4.81 rental screen to the GRAFINCA in Lima for advertising media,recreational activities,stage performances and other fields.Now,Let us together to review the scene!

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After years of development,LCF has grown into the global leading brands of LED display applications industry.The booth of LCF is built simple and generous and product effect is very obvious:delicate images,abundant,bright colors and the"light,thin,fine"design concept of cabinet are all displaying the brand of LCF. The stunning debut of P3.91 and P4.81 rental displays attract a large number of visitors and clients come to consult and experience.Overseas market sales elite and technician on the booth provide warm,meticulous,professional explanation and services to visitors,meanwhile,fine products and excellent services win the customer's high praise.

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Previously,LCF has been fully assessed Lima market prospects,so the main purpose of the trip to Lima is piercing into Peru market and prepare for further developing market in Peru.Surprisingly,many customers have expressed the will of the follow-up cooperation with LCF during the exhibition.In addition to the exhibits were sold out on the booth,LCF also won the high degree of trust from customers and signed the distributor agree with one of customers.

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Deeply developing overseas market and the international trends are in control. LCF always adhere to independent product innovation and can accurately grasp the changes of customer’s demands;In addition,LCF always think what the customers think and continuously creates more business value for them,bringing customers a positive brand culture,pointedly opening up domestic and foreign markets,forming a wide range of display application integrated solutions.Although exhibited product are not fully involved in a variety of application scenarios,but it is clear that the Peruvian LED market prospects is far wider than our expectation.

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Mr Huang Qingfeng,the chairman of LCF group,said:We did underestimate the Peruvian LED display market,and also underestimated the impact of our products,exhibits were sold out and signed distributor agreement with customer,which both are not easy to achieve in many other exhibitions,so it is a good sign for LCF and it shows we have done enough preparation for the exhibition and the market.Peruvians are warm and forthright and they make decisive decision under unique vision,which shows the feasibility of deep cooperation with customers in Peru.Hereafter,we will put more attention to market of Peru and then we will not disappoint Peruvian market.

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