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LCF New Innovative High Resolution Outdoor Rental LED Display

2017-09-18 11:05:18

Recently,LCF’s R&D department has finished the new LED module display development.It’s designed for high quality demand of outdoor events LED display.

Outdoor Rental LED Display

Before three years ago P10mm,P8mm,P6mm is hot sale module display for outdoor events,while with the high resolution required,the pixel pitch is becoming more smaller.LCF’s team well realized of this market need and investment a large amount fund to develop this newest cabinet.It’s must be excellent used for company events,Festival activity,Commercial advertising promote and big music concerts stage backdrop screen.

Outdoor Events LED Display

The new cabinet’s advantages,fashion and user-friendly design,high quality raw material of nation star led lamps with golden coated chip,LCD back design show led panels working status.front and rear maintenance.fanless mute technology,convenient installation and achieving 3840 high refresh rate display effect.

DIP Full Color LED Display

We strive to create new products meet our customers expect,and this new development high quality products will make your events more attractive and gain much more business with it’s high quality.

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