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LCF Invites You To Visual Impact Image Expo In Sydney October


October,a golden autumn month,it means a harvest season to all Chinese,but far away from here,in the other hemisphere of earth,Australia is during Spring,brimming over with vigour and vitality.Visual Impact Image Expo,which the exhibition we have been expected for long time,is going be held in Sydney October.By report,Visual Impact Image Expo has been held successfully for 14 years already,this professional exhibition built the bridge between international manufacturers and Australia local commercial companies,while bringing to a great developing potential for Australia advertising industry.

Stage Advertising LED Display

Sydney,the economy and financial center of Australia,is also famous for the traveling industry.As the largest city if Australia,Sydney is a standard immigrant city,dynamic multiculture and creative conception conversed here,the high developed financial industry,manufacture industry and traveling industry are the main part of Sydney market economy.From static data of Australia stage media area,concert,stage music play,and drama became to Sydney’s symbol,there would be held almost a big show or concert each half month,entertainment industry plays a decisive role in the Australia national economy.It is wise to develop with the trend,as the international brand in global LED industry,LCF(stock code:837293)meet you in Sydney October,we will focus on launching P4.81 stage rental LED display, to witness the spectacular event of  Visual Impact Image Expo2017.

Stage Rental LED Display

The advantages of LCF P4.81 LED display:

1、Super light:cabinet size 500*500mm,weight less 3KG,can be lift by single hand; 2、Super slim:die-casting aluminum cabinet,the bigger thickness part is only 68mm,high intensity,high precision,very tenacious and not easy to be out of shape. 3、Compatible:new structure designing to meet different install requirements. 4、Fast installation:assembly two cabinets can be finished in 10 seconds,the split joint gap is reduced to 0.05mm precisely. 5、Reliable:high hardness,excellent Heat dissipation effect. 6、High working stable:double backup control system,the cabinet circuit structure is designed without winding displacement. 7、Wide applications:stage rental,amusement place and more outdoor/indoor circumstances.

Chasing person and controlling the future,these actions lead LCF to get high reputation in global,the strategy of global distribution is moving on Steadily then.In this Visual Impact Image Expo,LCF will make a different visual feast to all visitors by collecting high-tech.Here,we invite you to visit our exhibition booth sincerely.

Booth No:F30

Time:11-13 October 2017

Add:Halls 1-2 International Convention Centre,Darling Harbour,Sydney,NSW

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