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LCF Go To Egypt To Visit Our Agent And Getting Win-Win Situation

2017-08-09 15:55:35

Alexandria,with the"Egyptian bride"reputation of this city which is the largest harbor and the second largest city of Egypt,about 30 million population,urban high-rise buildings,supermarkets,all kinds of restaurants abound,also is a world-famous tourist place.

LCF’s Exclusive Agent Mahmoud’s company------MAS IMPORT AND EXPORT is located in this beautiful city.Mohammad who is the CEO of MAS IMPORT AND EXPORT has visit the headquarter LCF in Shenzhen repeatedly.Recently,Mohammad just returned to Alexander less than one month,he invite LCF to go the Alexander to know more about his company and the market in Egypt for market guidance and participate in his new company's floor planning.

According to the introduce from Mohmoud,as the third economy country in Africa,Egypt has the complete industrial,agricultural and service industry system relatively,but in the LED display area,it’s rely on import mainly.Usually he import the LED Modules,Power Supply,Empty Cabinet and Control Card from LCF and assembly it into Cabinet,screen in his assembly room.We have professional engineer here. Every part from Egypt LCF is high quality guarantee.And LCF LED display is very popular in Egypt which is widely used in the shopping malls,shops and rental market.Local customers are think highly of the display’s effect and quality.LCF LED display has a great reputation in there which laid a solid foundation in Egypt for open up a larger market.

It will be a great help for the agent to expand the market in local place if there is a stuff who have a good knowledge of the product can help the agent to follow up the work,to visit customers with the agent together,guide the work since pre-sale to after sales all of the services,it will be more convincing for sale the product.Although LCF products have been approval by the market,and the trend of the market is very good,it’s a wise choice to increase the investment in market in time,the decision of choose the location and the scale of the new plant are being very important.

The founder of LCF Ms.LONG PIINGFANG indicated that:LCF attaches great importance to the relationship between LCF and our ally,LCF LED display light up in Egypt and beautify the city here,all of these can not be separated from the intention of the business operators of our agent. Communication and research the market is good both to the agent and ourselves,LCF is agree and support the advice of Mahmoud,has been preparing the relevant personnel move to Egypt,hoping to promote follow-up cooperation into higher level.Now the related person has finished all of the work in Egypt and backed to company.

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