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Lamp-post LED Screens

2018-12-11 18:17:19

Lamp-post LED Screens Solution:

Lamp-post LED screen, also named street light pole led display, has advantages of small screen size for high space utilization, can be designed as simultaneously control for mass screen numbers via internet broadcast technology. They can be mounted the light poles of a certain street and create a scale effect in the area for road guide, traffic broadcasts, information release as well as advertising promotion and so on.


1. IP65 waterproof and dust proof, can be used in even bad weather 

2. Colorful and smoothly images, high brightness high refresh rate to meet high speed camera

3. Cluster management though cloud platform, remote real-time control

4. Automatically adjust brightness,not affect traffic

5. GPS simultaneous playing. All screens can play same content at same time.

6. Live play, timely play emergency information

Solution Diagram:

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