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2020-05-08 20:03:59

TV Studio solution:

With the improvement of LED display technology, the large LED screen wall of TV stations has been increasingly favored by the directors. The colorful and realistic led screen can freely switch multiple video signals according to the needs of the program.

In order to adapt to the various brightness environment in the studio and to meet the screen effects of the camera recording, strict requirements are imposed on the reflection, refresh rate and stability of LED screen.

LCF’s small pitch LED screen with its high refresh rate, low reflection, high consistency and high stability just cater to the needs of television systems.



High-quality components and fine processing technology effectively reduce the LED defect rate. Power and signal redundancy system ensures long-term stable operation.


High refresh rate

HD camera captures no any flicker.

Low brightness but high grey scale.

When the brightness is reduced to 20%, it still shows perfect grayscale performance, and the display consistency is very good. The display's grayscale performance is almost perfect under low brightness, and the displayed picture layering and vividness are higher than the traditional display.

High contrast

High contract with high quality black led, the image is clear and sharp, the color is bright and colorful.


The product is compatible with all kinds of video signals like VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI. One system can display video image signal, computer signal, network digital signal, cable TV signal etc., besides, it supports SDI and CVBS output to achieve seamless combination of signal with relay vehicle or SNG (Satellite News Gathering) and guarantee the high compatibility and display for video signals. For instance, during the news program production, one can do inter-cut operations on entry station, caption processing, dubbing, manuscript editing.

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