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In the Bloomy Spring,LCF sincerely invites you to Guanghzhou ISLE

2018-01-31 10:24:09

In the Bloomy Spring,LCF sincerely invites you to Guanghzhou ISLE

Counting the led field expo, you must have a look at Guangzhou. Guangzhou international advertising logo and LED Exhibition (referred to as "ISLE") is jointly sponsored by Guangzhou fair Advertising Co., Ltd. and China foreign trade Guangzhou exhibition company. In 2018, the new ISLE will be upgraded to 120 thousand square meters exhibition area, and more than 1600 exhibitors from 26 countries will 
appear in the B area of Guangzhou Canton Fair exhibition hall from 3 to 6 March.

More professional exhibition layout, more comprehensive industry quality, bigger market and more business opportunities, the government procurement department and overseas group buyers, such as Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan and Korea, are the main invited objects. The ISLE is truly a combination of buyers and sellers that are both on display and in connect with each other. This LED industry exhibition, LCF (stock code: 837293) will be there with many small pixel pitch, rental, and fixed installation screens,which possessed leading technology advantage of LED display products and solutions,  to witness the great expo with everybody together.

Exhibition Name: Guangzhou international advertising logo and LED Exhibition
Date and date: 3~6 March
Booth number: B District 12.2-A05 of Guangzhou Fair

The exhibition featured products : LCF’s small pixel pitch screen.

As a leading international LED application product and solution provider, LCF has been taking the "leader" in the forefront of the LED industry. In 2018, the company has subverted the tradition industry in design, installation, debugging and other aspects to try something new. Among them, the self-developed small pixel pitch (module size 200X150mm) LED products have passed the final inspection test. 

Advantages: this P1.667 new cabinet size is 400mmX300mm, which can easily create the visual ratio of the suitable environment; The main structure of the cabinet body is made of aluminum alloy. The weight is 40% lighter than that of die casting aluminum cabinet, and the tension test reaches 300kg, with easy and convenient installation. The module separation structure design, processing, assembly, debugging and other processes are consistent with the common display module, which is very convenient for mass production. The single module can also be removed and repaired from the panel separately, and the rear cover of the cabinet can also be freely taken down for maintenance.

After processing by CNC, the cabinet is high precision and can be stitching seamlessly. The complete production supply chain for large-scale production, further improve the price ratio of products; High efficiency and energy saving LED chip, low energy consumption, little heat, long life. As this cabinet supports a number of models, the product can be easily upgraded.The frame of cabinet can also be used indefinitely, the overall design reflects the environmental concept of LCF. A single module can also be replaced and repaired separately from the screen. The rear cover of the cabinet can also be freely taken down for maintenance. It also can be used independently, or can be seamless to any large screen size. It is the best choice for high-definition display solutions such as broadcasting, performance, conference, command and dispatch.

Other Exhibits:

LCF’s LED P4.81 Stage Rental Screen;

Advantages: beautiful appearance, convenient installation, excellent stability, no shaking screen, no dead led lamps. The weight of the box is only 2.8 kg, the finished product screen is only 6 kg, and it is very convenient to disassemble and maintain. It is the ideal choice for the application of stage background, bar entertainment and wedding ceremony.

LCF’s LED P4.81 Floor Tile Screen;

。Advantages: anti-scratch, anti-collision, anti-knock, high pressure, high bearing capacity, each square meter of bearing capacity can reach 1.5t; Fast and flexible installation, free hand installation or guide- rail installation.

LCF Smart Lamppost Screen.

Advantage: full aluminum module, appearance does not need tempered glass protection, anti radiation and reduce the attenuation value; Hd LED display screen with a large visual and visual area; The remote management is convenient and can be operated and managed on the network terminal at any time. The key information can be released immediately. It is widely used in urban pedestrian street, subway, station, shopping mall, residential area, airport and so on.

LCF’s P8 Football Stadium Screen.

Advantages: independent support structure, support 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degree angle adjustment; The design of a unique soft mask and soft protection pad is designed to protect both the athletes and the screen when they are subjected to impact. It has high performance waterproof and dustproof ability above IP65 level, all weather display, adapt to all kinds of bad environment.

"People-oriented" is the principle that LCF has consistently adhered to. Therefore, in addition to more than the product brings the highlight, lianchengfa’s series products also enhance the stability, reliability and versatility, bear responsibility of the LED screen, 

highlighting the company's pattern and wisdom.

The channel module is standardized, fast and scale, and the 320X160mm size is used. Product models include: indoor P1.53/1.667/1.839/2/2.5/3.077/4/5, outdoor P4/5/6.67/8/10, Allow customers in the process of the use of LED display, realize any upgrades of the product, replace, and different spacing of conventional products, at the same time, sufficient supply of goods, shipment, just 24 hours to address customer needs. On the site, LCF will also give profit to the channel and the project screen. With the exception of big promotion, there are multiple surprises... For details, please contact us at 400-618-8884!

Doing a good job is an attitude and a force of life.  A good spring season,LCF work together with you to operate various fields! Big business opportunity, big future! Welcome to ISLE on-site to zero distance experience, feel LCF’s LED unique charm!

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