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High Brightness Giant Digital Signage LED Video Wall Install In Mexico

2017-10-24 17:27:06

Digital LED advertising displays is the sign the 21st century revolution in printing.Not only is it in visually appealing bright and clear,but the ease to that it takes to change the content in minutes.

LCF has installed a plenty of outdoor displays in Mexico, to suit our client’s different specs and requirements, for hotel, building and shopping mall wall mounted Outdoor LED display,Large sports stadium score led billboard, perimeter led display screens,Gas station led sign and steel construction install big outdoor led display.

Outdoor Full Color LED Message Signs and Video boards are available in various sizes,and resolutions,current most popular model with pitch 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,16mm for choose,SMD LED type and DIP LED technology to suit for different install environment.LCF Outdoor LED Display with high quality, can work very well under harsh environment,whatever extreme cold day or strong sunshine day.

Besides with high brightness and more attractive of it’s beautiful color, videos and animation display, they are visible from long distances, user friendly software provides unlimited flexibility to keep messages relevant and up to date so that people will pay attention.Why not start to take an outdoor digital signage video wall from LCF LED Display now, to get much more advertise space and profit for next project.

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