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Here is our stage! LCF USA NAB Show, Particularly Eye-catching!


Located in the desolate desert hinterland of the western United States, Las Vegas was a nameless village more than one hundred years ago. However, one hundred years later, the past deserted place has been decorated into bustling scene today.

This is a city without darkness, and is also a great wonder of the desert!

On April 9, 2018, NAB Show, the prestigious exhibition in global electronic media fields, was held in Las Vegas, which attracted more than 1,800 exhibitors and then thousands of audiences from 166 countries. Among them, LED from China led the trends, every action at this exhibition attracted people’s eye. As an excellent LED brand in China, Lianchengfa(LCF) (stock code: 837293) attracts many customers to visit by taking advantage of their outstanding LED products show.

In recent years, LCF has increasingly invested in overseas markets, and achieved many significant results. Just in March, LCF attended the 72nd ISA Sign Expo at the Orlando Convention and Exhibition Center. In the coming May, LCF will also participate in the Mexican Advertising Exhibition. This time, many LCF’s agents in Mexico will also appear on the show to cheer. In the meantime, we’ll renew the agency contracts. Undoubtedly, benefits are the basis of long-term cooperation.

The newly released Lease series cabinet is a new type of LED display designed and developed by LCF for the multi-function rental demand, and is also the featured product on the exhibition. This product has excellent advantages in commercial display: support for module replacement, rapid disassembly, display screen rotation at any angle, as well as indoor and outdoor, floor tile integrated applications. On the spot, we performed a quick disassembly on the client's request. The perfect display and very simple operation made many visitors fondle admiringly. At the same time, P8 outdoor front-maintenance large screen, P15.625 outdoor curtain screen, P16 outdoor front-flip large screen and other large screen display provide much better choice for customers, which fully satisfy all customers’ requirements. 
The field of broadcasting and television has very high requirements on the technology and quality of display. Such as high refresh rate, adjustable brightness, high fidelity of the screen, and no LED damage etc., it’s almost one of the industries with the most stringent requirements on the quality of display. Due to the insistence on high-quality routes, and in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 international quality control process, we ensure the stable performance of our products. Therefore, in this kind of professional exhibition, we can have a good performance each time. In the picture above, the intentional customers seem to have discovered the New World and smiled so brightly.

In this session of the United States NAB SHOW, LCF has achieved numerous praises and good partners, above all, let more people really understand the charisma of Chinese LED, and experience the stronger LCF’s brand influence. At the exhibition, LCF did not forget the learning attitude of “humbleness, truth seeking, science, and preciseness”. Through learning about the vitality and inspiration of other participants’ exhibits, we strived to absorb advanced international technologies in order to create and develop leading edge products.

From April 11th to April 12th, the popularity of NAB Show continues to rise. LCF will also continue to convey its excitement at C2959. Welcome to visit our booth!

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