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Good News! Another Overseas Exclusive Agent is in Saudi Arabia

2017-08-17 15:35:24

From the start of the business,LCF has been using"unity,integrity and development"as the core value,and focus on research,development,production,sales and service of LED full color display.After 13 years,LCF has been given high recognize in the peer company.The performance of overseas market expansion is pretty good.On 9th March,the agent of Saudi Arabia signs the agreement with LCF overseas marketing department.So far,the agent of Saudi Arabia,Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman gets another overseas independent agent qualification of LCF.

With accompaniment of Chairman Huang Qingfeng and foreign trade manager,Huang Yongjiang,Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman visited the manufacturing department and product demonstration,who have deeply understood in the manufacturing process and product of LCF.The product quality of LCF was obtained the high praise by Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman
Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman cocked up his thumb to LCF's products
The LED display effect Exhibition
The foreign trade manager,Huang Yongjiang is discussing the cooperation with Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman

Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman says on the signing:The reason why I signing the agreement to LCF frankly is I have deep understand to LCF's products,and then throughout the operation status of your company,I have to say that LCF is one of company which have complete industrial chain and services system,and excellent reputation of overseas market.It is quite nice,I am looking forward to our corporation and I believe it will be a win-win corporation.
The chairman Huang Qingfeng is signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Eng.Abdullah O.Baothman "Follow your heart and achieve yourself."It will be more and more overseas merchants to join LCF in the future development,LCF will use innovative technology,high-end products,superior quality and high value-added services to satisfy and exceed customer's expectations.

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