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Front Serviceable Outdoor LED Sign

2018-12-10 18:01:58

Front Serviceable LED Sign Solution:

For some locations that people do not have enough space behind the LED screens for maintenance and operation, we should make front serviceable LED sign, that is, the sign which people can repair from the front side. We have two methods. Firstly, we design and build front open cabinets. Secondly, we use front maintenance LED modules(P6,P8,P10)


Font open cabinets are designed in two parts. The back side of the cabinet can be attached to the wall or any structure, while the front part can be lift up easily for service. This type of LED cabinet is suitable for any case without space in the back side of the cabinet like wall installation or installation on structure. Double-side led screen with no space between the two sides are another application of open front cabinets.


Easy Access for Repair and Services
Inexpensive Solution


Limited to LED signs up to height of 2m

Solution Diagram:

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