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  Shenzhen LCF Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in November 2004,as a professional LED display factory R&D,design,manufacturing,sales and service as one of the national high-tech enterprises,registered capital of 60 million RMB.In 2015,it changed to a joint venture enterprise,headquartered in Shenzhen,China,adjacent to Bao’an International Airport.Gradually,it has won the the honor as"National High-tech Enterprise","Software Enterprise",""national quality inspection of qualified products","China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association","Shenzhen Software Association."

      hailand,Italy,Argentina and more than 90 countries the company has established good cooperative relations.Lianchengfa made high-quality products,quality service and integrity and pragmatic style,winning the good reputation of the industry,at the same time,it was also the display design and supplier of the Beijing Olympic Games,Shanghai World Expo,the 2012 European Cup stadiums Ukraine,2012 Kuwait Futsal World Cup venues,Australia stadiums.

  LCF has a lot of first-class automated production equipment from Japan,Germany,the United States,South Korea and other countries,also have LED industry senior management,R&D and production team.Independently developed core components of LED application products--LED lights,using their own upstream LED packaging technology,and advanced technology.With LED lights and software control system as the core technology,to develop out outdoor full color LED display,LED indoor full color display,LED information guide screen,LED sports screen,LED network advertising screen,LED stage display,LED lighting R&D projects,LED lighting product development,production,sales and engineering services.Doing a lot of contributions to the government and corporate image to provide engineering,commercial engineering,service information broadcast platform,"turnkey"solutions.

  LCF LED Display Factory providing LED display,Outdoor LED display,curtain LED display,Small spacing LED display,LED display monitor,Indoor led screen and rented LED display

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