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Climb Hills And Waterfall-LCF Trip to waterfall of Huangguoshu

2017-12-29 10:44:54

Guide: “The benevolent Leshan, Wise delight in the water”,
there are two landscape features of green mountains and clear water in Guizhou , the deep gorge valley, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, natural and primitive, this is the best interpretation of the beauty of nature. Anshun Lian Shun Da Technology opened in December 13. After opening ceremony, the trip to Guizhou was starting.
You lug the burden, I hold the horse, ushered the sunrise to send the sunset. Tough flat into the road, fight all hard and dangerous departure, starting again...”, we sang a familiar song and were on the way to the Huangguoshu Waterfall.

The first stop: Steep Slope Pond

That was a suitable day for travel, clear air, warm wind, not hot and raining, we walked and smiled, felt the cold winter became warmer.

Steep Slope Pond Waterfall, is where the teachers and three apprentices walked in the movie "Journey to the West", not very height,but the widest of all waterfalls in Huangguoshu. As the waterfall sound shock, also known as "roar waterfall". Sound of water flowing from far and near, sounds like cheerful notes at the foot.

Enjoy the scenery on the journey, at the same time, release our physical and mental stress. The gentleman no the right of this photo is our Korean agent who was attracted by the beautiful scenery.

The second stop: Star Bridge

Star Bridge is a particularly interesting place, as scene will change at every step, lush forests, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls. The stone, the tree, the water in here wonderful union, the fish and stone, can see clearly; the spring water struck the stone. Visitors praised: "Bonsai carved out of the wind and water", and "Figure created by tree roots and rattan".
The so-called beauty scenery hidden in the depths. We walked up the stone steps, passed a  banyan tree, a sign on the stone stele of the bottom "Beautiful Banyan", which likes human form, with tree roots coiled, staggered branches.

Curved stone path built in the stone wall, stone trench, stone crevices, All in line, "want to rock from here, who dare not sideways"! This is a characteristic rock, if the front through the past is a charming body, if the sideways through the standard figure. Will you the person who can’t crosses over?

The third stop: The Huangguoshu Waterfall

Walking through the bonsai in the Huangguoshu Park, went down, we heard indistinctly the rushing sound of the waterfall, obviously the sound is in the vicinity, but walked about half an hour,finally saw it. It can be looked well from far to near, from left to right, from top to bottom.

Although it is dry season, Huangguoshu Falls still gives us a great shock, water like the Galaxy pouring down, running straight, water waves beat sounds like thunder, and water hits the valley sounds like an earthquake. Near, look down the deep pool, a wave of clear water does not bottoming out, mist blowing, alpine stream release release of the wonderful air, washed away all the way to the dust and fatigue, a long time impetuous in the city at this moment go away. Beautiful places always make people happy.

After a stroll to the Great Falls, there is a curtain of water that runs across the waterfall. There are many cracks in the rock wall, like a small window. Looking out through the hole in the hole, waterfall sound ear, soul-stirring, water hanging bead curtain, within reach, despite the water spray to the body from time to time, we still stay here for a long time, not willing to leave.

Cease to struggle and you cease to live! Happy travel has ended, but the memory is not lost, the great scenery is wonderful, companion on the road is even more valuable. Hope in the future, we can continue to grow together with happy, and with higher enthusiasm into in the life and work, together with the company to embark on a new journey, create a new glory!

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