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Bao'an Industrial Development Expo kicked off

2017-08-04 17:04:45

In July 27, Bao’an Industrial Development Expo kicked off in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition added extra 6 halls in addition to hall 1, which fully display Bao’an social and economic development results and offer a brilliant, rich and full, perfect experience of the Expo event to all exhibitors and visitors.


Hall 1 is Bao’an Intelligent hall, highlighting the Bao’an intelligent manufacturing industry, to create a new benchmark of "Shenzhen quality, Bao’an Intelligent made".

Our booth is located in Hall 1.(LCF Booth No.:C1760-C1767)

                                                                    (LCF Booth No.:C1760-C1767)

This time, Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code 837293) mainly exhibited fine pitch P2.5 HD LED display, P3.91 Rental Panels, P4.81 LED wall rental and P10 perimeter LED display. The large screens attracted a lot of Chinese and foreign visitors. Let’s feel it together!

Welcome you, friend!

                                                   We are professional!                                              

                                                                         P10 Perimeter LED dispaly at our booth

                      Our team

LCF, all qualified, traces everywhere, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, 2012 World Cup, 2016 Malaysia National Football Stadium screen designer and suppliers. We serve globally, with more than 30,000 domestic and foreign boutique cases.

Our products are widely used Such as sports venues, transportation, stage rental, advertising media and other aspects. Featured products are too numerous to enumerate:

  • LED Indoor & Outdoor Full Color Display
  • Smart Lamppost LED Advertising Display
  • Transparent LED Screen
  • LED All-In-One Advertisement Player
  • LED Traffic Info Guide Display
  • LED Stage Rental Display
  • LED Stadium Display
  • LED Lighting Product

In the process of rapid development of intelligence, LCF is also constantly adjust our own pace, towards the direction of intelligent development and transformation. In order to provide customers with better service, LCF also seeking partners in lighting and audio field, aiming at providing users with integrated services.

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