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2020-05-11 14:54:07

Advertising LED Display Solution

Compared to traditional printed advertising billboard, LED display billboard's motion graphic commercials can deliver more vivid content to viewers. it can easily schedule a considerable amount of commercial videos for many different local customers, better way than printed billboard with only one customer's advertisement for each period. 


1. High luminance delivered by all LEDs present finest visual to viewers even under strong sunlight.

2, High refresh rate and high gray level, make the LED display more realistic, meet the high visual quality requirements of commercial use;

3, Using PFC power supply, so that the power supply continues to be stable;

4. Master the operation status of the LED display via monitor system;

5, Timing or real-time remote control the switch of LED display;

6, Support network clustering control function, can control the global LED displays in one place, arbitrarily change the content you want to play;

7. Photosensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the led display according to the change of outdoor brightness, saving energy and environmental protection and reducing operating costs;

8, Designed for the characteristics of the outdoor environment with high protection level and good heat dissipation design, rigorous manufacturing process enables LED display long-term and stable working;

Solution Diagram


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