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Across the ocean for the carnival - Lian Chengfa shines at ISA International Sign Exhibition!

2018-03-27 16:35:53

From March 22nd to 24th, the world's largest advertising exhibition - the 72nd ISA Sign Expo was held at the Orlando Convention and Exhibition Center.All the major international exhibitors attend. Chinese LED brand company Shenzhen Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 837293) Chairman Huang Qingfeng personally led the team and brought a rich product lineup to the show.The 1023 booth no suspense became a big focus of the exhibition! 

Display products have a promising market in the commercial field,the participation of Lianchengfa will help to gain insight into the needs of the American market and customer demand , and further enhance the competitiveness of the U.S. market. To this end, before the exhibition, the Overseas Marketing Department made meticulous preparations to carry a newly developed waterproof coated new cabinet (supporting rapid assembly of P2.604, P3.91, and P4.81 modules),add more selling points for the collective appearance of this product! 

Technology is not a "trick", waterproof coating, as the name implies, its practicality and high-definition features are closely integrated. Anti-scratch, anti-collision, anti-knock, all-round protection lamp beads, more in line with the dissemination concept of modern advertising logo, is a major highlight of the product.

Appearance is an important part of attracting consumers. In terms of the light quality, it can be determined to a large extent whether the customer is in a hurry or stop. Thanks to Lianchengfa Display, which is a perfect display, customers have a brand-new understanding of manufacturing in China. The audiences consulted the product for more detailed information and experienced the product's precise quality and unique technology.

Satisfaction is the basis of sincere cooperation, customers have demand, sales of professional enough, delicate and clear display, rich product models, high-quality product quality, differentiated competitive advantages ..., intention customers are actively leaving relevant information.

"very happy and very satisfied." This is a talking picture. Facing the camera, the two handsome guys showed a bright smile.

This is yet another battle for victory. Signing the order seems to be an inherent part of this exhibition. In addition to on-site communication and customer needs, the old brand's reputation and after-sales service also allow clients to feel more at ease when spending large amounts of money.
The exhibition time is very short, but there are many feelings left to us. In the past two years, Lian Chengfa has been able to capture every exhibition. It is the words of Mr. Huang Qingfeng, Chairman of the Board: Do yourself a good job and put the technology and services into practice. Consumers are not as harsh as they thought.

The prosperity and glory of this journey,wonderful to be continued. In the forthcoming April Las Vegas National Broadcasting and Television Equipment Exhibition, Lian Chengfa will present a high-definition LED display feast with its innovative concept and leading technology. Hereby, we invite you to visit us.

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