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Shenzhen Lianchengfa(LCF)Technology Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2004,with a registered capital of 90.69 million yuan.LCF is a joint venture company,professional LED Display Factory,and its headquarter is in Baoan district,Shenzhen,with a favorable location and convenient transportation.LCF has successfully listed on May 19,2016(stock code:837293).Mainly products of its company are LED full-color high-definition display,LED green-lighting display,and LED energy-saving lighting display.LCF also is the first batch of national high-tech certified enterprises.

Since its establishment,LCF had won the honor of"National High-tech Enterprise","Double Software Enterprise","National Quality Inspection Qualified Product Enterprise"and"Shenzhen Software Association Member","National Quality Trustworthy Product","the New-Sanban 30 Strong Enterprises","AAA Grade Credit Enterprise","Shenzhen City,the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Lndustry Association Board of Supervisors Units"and other awards,and possessed dozens of national patents.

Product quality is the essence of LCF,from raw material procurement to production,installation,and testing,every step is strictly comply with ISO9001:2008 international quality control process.All products must through the professional organization of the RoHS,CCC,CE,FCC,ETL,IP67 dustproof and waterproof test,anti-sun glare test,electromagnetic compatibility test,high-and-low temperature test,heavy metals test.Among these quality certifications,it is extremely difficult to obtain the German TUV safety certification.These certifications ensure that every product is stable and reliable,at the same time,they also clear obstacles for LCF to enter the international market.

With perfect customer service,unparalleled technical superiority and LCF’s international channel advantage in more than 30 countries all over the world.LCF has been recognized by the majority of customers,products rapidly spread over 200 cities of China’s 30 provinces and autonomous regions.LCF also established a good partnership with companies in over 100 countries such as France,Germany,Spain,Russia,Vietnam,India,the United States,Malaysia,Kuwait,Thailand,Italy,Argentina and so on.In 2014,2015 and 2016,the operating income growth rate reached 172.53%,62.39%and 100.35%respectively,and the business development situation remained stable for the better.

Never forget why you started,and your mission can be accompanished.LCF has been deeply plowed in LED industry for 13 years,it always adheres to the core values of unity,integrity,and development,provides the most market-appropriate products to customers.LCF will go hand in hand in shaping the international brand of"global LED application solutions".

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