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A Successful Accomplishment-LCF Won Three Annual Awards in LED Industry.

2017-12-29 10:45:52

On December 20th,the highest standard brand-award ceremony for annual 2017 LED display industry was held in Kylin mountain, Shenzhen. This conference was focused on the theme of "professional platform achieved professional brand". Through the praise and approval of excellent enterprises, integrated resources, and joint development of all parties, leading to a resulf of “brand facilitates development”.  .
After numerous selections and multiple assessments, plus excellent performance, LCF (stock code: 837293) won the two awards for "Best Innovation and Growth Brand in 2017" and "the Best Investment Brand of 2017". At the same time, Mrs. Long Pingfang, the founder of LCF, won the "Top Ten LED Display Industry Figures" award, which put a great end to year 2017. 

Products-seeing, technology-learning and  market-observing all will enrich your knowledge. Association, experts and front-line outdoor advertising contractors, media companies, performing arts stage rental equipment manufacturers, distributors, agents, contractors, system integrators, design companies, construction contractors, advertising decoration engineering company and other industry professionals gathered together. This is a high-end LED industry gathering party,  and many front-line businessmen are involved in the conference to witness the glory of the brand, also a technical and information exchange meeting of industry experts.

Since the beginning of its development, LCF had been committed to innovation and independent research and development, and had maintained a high investment in R&D so as to catch the most advanced technology in the world, andachieve the synchronous growth of quality and efficiency.

The vigorous development of any enterprise is inseparable from capittal support. In 2017, LCF successfully experienced two large-scale financing, it also benefited from the core values of LCF's insistence on "unity, integrity and development". LCF also persevered in enterprise culture, global layout and product innovation, and pursued excellence.

For many LED industry people, “Top Ten LED Display Industry Figures” is a hard peak to climb over. But for Ms. Long Pingfang, the founder of LCF, this is a familiar stage. For personal achievement, she is more pleased with the performance of the enterprise. The award is more than icing on the cake.

Innovation seeks development, and brand wins the world! The three awards are the affirmation of the annual achievements of lCF and an encouragement of the company. 2017 is coming to an end. Thank you sincerely for the companionship and support on the road. In the New Year of 2018, lCF will combine the needs of the market and make spare no efforts to bring better LED application products to customers and create a wonderful and unlimited brand in the next year.

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