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2018 Guangzhou ISLE

2018-03-27 16:31:17

2018 Guangzhou ISLE" The battle is to the strong.

Coming of Spring, all things recovery,the spring breeze sends warm, the mountain and the river glow。In March, the flower city of Guangzhou ushered in the most beautiful flower season, When we feel the breath of flowers, LCF (stock code: 837293) also welcomed its first show after the Spring Festival in 2018 - Guangzhou International Advertising Sign & LED Expo ("ISLE").

As the first exhibition of LED display industry in China this year, It is the vane of the LED industry. The exhibition is like a martial arts conference,many influential companies in the industry have participated.We participate in martial arts, learn morality, know etiquette, wide field of vision,not only saw the martial arts of shaolin kung fu., but also learned the overall national interest, the essence of "The chivalrous person, for the country and the people"。

In booth 12.2-A05 of Canton Fair Hall ,the booth were packed and surrounded by crowds.The small pitch led screen with a halo of new products,the stage rental screen with sound matching,Interesting interactive dance floor led screen,plus the channel module with unified size, and interspersed among the hot dance, lucky draw links ...Of course, the most important is the sincere investment policy,so that LCF booth has become one of the main focuses of the professional exhibition visitor,which has always been popular.

Perhaps it is because "ISLE" is an industry exhibition held in China. The proportion of international merchants attending exhibitions is not prominent. However, it is not difficult to see that the booth of LCF are very much attracted to international friends. In addition to reaping numerous customers, on the very day of the exhibition, both domestic and international business centers enjoyed gains and continued orders.

Although buyers and sellers came with their own needs, but the scene full of fun and creativity is undoubtedly more attention. At the site, the interactive dance floor led screen drew most exhibition visitor to their feet. Whether it is a single point of sudden pressure, or the overall pressure on the whole screen, screen color purity, hue, brightness, operating performance completely unaffected, so much acclaimed.

Although there is competition, exchange of learning has not stopped. At the exhibition site, “YEJIBANG” organized by the "new technology & new products & new trends" forum.Predecessors are generous to teach, the younger generation carefully study.the contents of the speech like the secret of martial arts, LCF hair domestic vice president of the business center speech exciting, vice-president of LCF domestic business center speech gripping, there are many onlookers.

The battle is to the strong,master-hands as many as cloud in the ISLE,LCF is undoubtedly a man of great skill.If you want to know more about it, may wish to come to Canton Fair B, 12.2-A05 LCF Booth, we look forward to meeting you!

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