LED display price of LED electronic display 】 used in outdoor, stage, such as large programs requires a great deal of stage and screen, many stage requires a makeshift, below is for everybody to introduce several methods of LED electronic display stand up.
Probably for the production of stents, simple box production, made of stainless steel.
1, support production: according to different applications, the casing outside the requirement is different, we first about the embedded installation, when don't need to frame, but need a mounting bracket.
Mounting bracket generally use aluminum, more portable, cutting easy.
We can also use the universal Angle (that is, there are very porous rectangular shaped bar).
We can see that the unit on the back plate is installed with copper column, is used to put the unit plate fixed to the bracket, bracket should be a little long, the reserved box mounting holes.
The unit board, control card, the power supply is fixed to the bracket, cable and 220 v power supply cord tied to support and to tie a knot, don't pull out a few times.
So one of the most simple screen is assembled.
Can take to be installed on other devices, such as light boxes.
2, simple box production process: we see buy unit board, will find that different brightness, or application occasions may be spray, this time you need the screen surface of an organic glass, organic glass with dark brown, or dark red.
Organic glass can in advertising and decoration materials store bought, was bought by catty.
We adopt thin, too thin can easily bend.
Here need to remind, because the organic glass cutting need skills, at best buy, ready to size, let shop help you cut.
For general situation, need a box, we can use aluminum profile (such as the cross section is square hollow aluminum bar), aluminum profile we can go to the store to buy.
If use aluminum alloy frame, the screen is very small, can put the cell plate fixed outer box directly, strength enough, do not need to support.
Concrete frame production process, can refer to light box production.
3, stainless steel box production process: we can see that a lot of LED electronic display screen frame is stainless steel.
In fact stainless steel frame, just on the basis of simple frame, wrapped with a thin layer of stainless steel.
Looks beautiful, generous, adding value.
As for the package box process need to use folding machine, we can go to the kitchen to make small hardware factory, on behalf of processing.
To the best professional LED the casing outside the shop.
Running, the biggest difference is the overlock seam is small.
Each frame is LED display price 】 【 according to different environment, the choice of stent affect the use of the whole screen, more dangerous security, so in accordingly when the choice, need a comprehensive plan, must not be arbitrary choice.

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