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LED Curtain Display Cleaning 2017-09-18 16:53:48

LED Curtain Display gradually enter the"HD"era,menu display effect and color reproduction particularly important.Decide of these factors in addition to uniformity,gray,refresh rate,contrast,color gamut and color temperature,also have dirt and dust effects.Therefore,the need for periodic of indoor LED Curtain Display cleaning,ensure LED screen display effect.

LED Curtain Display

Cleaning maintenance is divided into three steps:

The first step:vacuuming.Remove LED Curtain Display mask dirt and dust surface.

Step two:wet cleaning.Use water spray and steam humidification jet,with vacuum cleaner a soft brush to scrub lamp face mask,will the dirt clear brush and clean.

The third step:drying.use vacuum cleaner sucking up wet cleaning leaving water drops and water marks,ensure that the display face mask clean no water damage.

LED Curtain Display cleaning belong altitude operations,using aerial sling way or adopt gondola,different dirt choose a different cleaner cleaning,to ensure that without damaging LED lamp and face mask the premise complete LED Curtain Display cleaning work.

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